About me

Sarah/Twenty Something/Londoner

Welcome to ghostontoast.com.   I think life is for enjoying and I try to reflect that on my blog.

Things I like include: bright colours and patterns, food; biscuits, cakes, dark chocolate, cheese, spinach (yes, really), drink; gin, ale, red wine, cocktails, tea, coffee, music, travelling, making things, laughing, feminism, Girl Guiding.

Some of the things I don't like: Bloc Party,  liquorice, golf, men with unruly facial hair, slow moving individuals in busy areas, fizzy drink and over cooked steak.  

Some potentially interesting facts about me:  I have met the Queen and Steve Davis (I mix with the best sorts of people); I have been a member of Girl Guiding UK for 20 years; I have an extra rib on top of the usual 12 pairs.

If you want to be my friend you can follow me on twitter or email me on ghostontoast@gmail.com