Thursday, 6 March 2014

Musical Thursdays | Speedy Ortiz

I recently went to see Speedy Ortiz at Birthdays in Dalston.

 The venue is a bit of a hell hole if I'm honest; boiling hot, over priced beer, crowds of hipsters and mediocre acoustics. Also, being 5'1" I am used to not seeing much at gigs. But when friends a foot taller than me can't see the stage across a tiny room, there's got to be something wrong!

 Anyway, Speedy Ortiz are a grungy female fronted American indie band. I wouldn't typically say I'm a fan of grunge but having given both albums a fair few listens I'm starting to change my mind.  They do actually do a pretty good job of playing live - despite the problems with the venue and feeling exhausted that evening, I actually really enjoyed seeing them.

Listen to: American Horror, Tiger Tank

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