Monday, 3 March 2014

Gin and Jewellery for Save the Children

Last week I combined two of my favourite things with a good cause.  To mark the launch of a new phase of Save the Children's No Child Born to Die campaign, Make Thrift London hosted a swishing event!

 We each brought along at least 3 accessories that we no longer wanted, laid them out on a table and proceeded to swap goodies.

Swishing treasures waiting for a new home.
I'm rather pleased with my finds; a sparkly insect brooch, a 'hand' necklace, a little leather bracelet and a colourful bag.
 We also enjoyed some delicious gin cocktails and cup cakes, handmade by Daisy, while we learnt about Save the Children's work.

Around the world, 1 million babies die in their first day of life and 2.9 million die in their first month.  Many of these deaths are totally preventable, so the campaign is for all babies to be born with the support of a midwife by 2025.  That kind of change won't come about over night, so the charity are asking world leaders to commit to a 5 point Newborn Promise plan to make it happen!  You can sign a petition asking David Cameron to get involved.

Have you ever been swishing? Would you swish for charity?

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