Saturday, 1 March 2014

Evans & Peel Detective Agency, Earl's Court

Last weekend I was lucky enough to visit Evans & Peel Detective Agency, a fancy bar in Earl's Court.  I'm not usually a fan of themed pubs so I was a little sceptical about making the trip across London.

Fortunately it was well worth it.  Evans & Peel is a quirky delight!

Hidden behind an unassuming side door, your detective experience starts with an interrogation about the misdemeanours of a member of your party.  In my case, the birthday boy was accused of having indecent images and using them to blackmail people!

Then the fun really begins with an extensive cocktail menu and a range of smoked bar foods.  We shared a platter of mini burgers which turned out to be surprisingly filling and attempted to work through the list of cocktails.  We didn't manage to try them all but I did enjoy a delicious beetroot based number, and another marmalade flavoured one with a frog spawn like consistency.  Both were much better than they sound - honest.

Our booking was just for 2 hours - it seems to get very busy on Friday and Saturday nights.  I'd like to have stayed a little longer and will definitely be back again.
310c Earl's Court Road, London SW5 9BA
020 7373 3573

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