Monday, 17 February 2014

Hijacking Valentine's Day with the Craftivist Collective

Like many people I think Valentine's Day is at worst a lot of pressure and expense and at best an excuse to buy nice chocolate.  An overpriced meal in a crowded restaurant is not my idea of a romantic night and I could do without tacky ill fitting Valentine's undies thankyouverymuch.

So I was very happy to read Craftivist Collective's post about hijacking V-Day.   The idea is to remind ourselves to show some love to the world and each other. No arguing with that sentiment.

This year Valentine's Day fell on a Friday, when I help run my Guide group.  It made perfect sense to get the girls involved too!

We carefully decorated some cards with crafty bits and a heart design by Tatty Devine for Craftivst Collective, and made a little Valentine's gift.  I made the bracelet in the pics but the girls also made cute hair clips and brooches.   On the inside we placed a letter from the Craftivists encouraging the reader to show their love for the world by brightening someone else's day and by thinking about climate change.

After the meeting we left our cards in public places to be found by a lucky Valentine.  Mine went on the escalators at Euston station - I hope whoever found it appreciated it!

Have you ever taken part in craftivism?  Would you try it?

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