Saturday, 8 June 2013

Weekly Finds / 8.6.2013 / Microwave Banana Cake, Cute Doggies, Perfect Dress and Free Compliments

This week I have been enjoying: 

Sunday's Dilbert, which reminded me why I love being self-employed....

I found my perfect dress-shame it is over £500.  I should probably get saving :|  It even shares my name, how could I resist?

Miss Thrifty made me smile with these free compliments.

I hate microwave cooking but I am very tempted to try this chocolate and banana cake from Snack Girl.

In other news, I've had a relatively busy working week with a couple of small projects on the go, we finally found a new flat (hello E17!) so we can go ahead and start planning our house move in earnest and we're looking forward to celebrating our 7th anniversary on Monday.  June is always my favourite month, and looks like this one will be no exception.

What have been your favourite reads this week?

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