Thursday, 20 June 2013

Recent Buys | Red and White Spotted Scarf, Breton Stripes, Butterfly Necklces

I'm due to be moving house in a couple of weeks so am trying not to buy so much stuff!  However, a couple of nice bits have managed to sneak in to my home over the past week or so.

Red and White Spotted Scarf
I love red and I love dots, so this Primark scarf was perfect for me. £2

Primark Breton Stripe Tee
I also enjoy a good breton stripe. Primark £4 (?)

Red Primark Tshirt
This basic tee shirt is a lovely vibrant colour and has an unusual texture - look at the picture below for a better idea.  Primark £4

Red Primark Tshirt Texture

Ladybird Likes Lucky Bag
Ladybird Likes were doing goody bags for only £10 over on Etsy and I just couldn't resist.  Here's what was in mine.  I love the little owl!

Not a recent purchase but a new addition none the less - earlier this week in a surprise burst of competence with my sewing machine I made this cushion cover.  Very granny chic!  
It was actually so much fun that I'm tempted to do more, but how many cushions can one small flat contain?  I think I will have to suppress the urge for now.

What have you bought recently?

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