Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Goals for 2013 / Aims for the coming year

Happy New Year!
I had been pretty ambivalent about the start of 2013 until last night, when somewhere within my sleepy/inebriated haze I started to think about all the cool things I could try to make happen this year!  I didn't do too badly with last year's goals (I didn't blog about them...you'll have to take my word for it.) but there are some areas that are always a problem for me (I'm looking at you, accounts and career moves) and there are plenty of things that I want to do but haven't got round to yet.

book stack

  • Read 2 books a month

Last year I challenged myself to read a book a month, and frankly, it was too easy.  I don't really think a book a fortnight should be too hard so long as I keep on top of it.  Let's hope West Hampstead library has a lot of fantasy novels in stock.....

I will be keeping track of my reading on Good Reads so feel free to follow me there.

Walking the dog

  • Walk to work at least twice a week

This should be super easy - I just need to get out of bed on time!  It is about 4 miles from my front door to the office, and at one point I was walking there and back 3 days a week.   I have been very lazy about it recently but I find the walk very soothing and it adds up to a lot of exercise.

Happy Jalapeno

  • Eat my 5 a day EVERY day

Considering my degree and career choice, this one should also be super easy but it is also easy to be lazy!  I can get my 5 a day no problem when I plan my meals.  The challenge is making it happen everyday.  

savory bread pudding

  • Try one new recipe a month

I quite enjoy cooking and I very much enjoy eating.  This year I want to expand my repertoire of dishes and I feel that one new recipe a month is an achievable target.

cesk freixas:avui serem el món

  • Average 1 gig a month

This is left over from last year, where I failed pretty miserably. One gig per calendar month is probably not very achievable but 12 a year should be no problem at all.  

Aeroplane - Easyjet 1

  • Take a holiday at least once a quarter

This worked really well for me in 2012.  Just taking a couple of days of work seems to be very rejuvenating, and I like it even more when I use the opportunity to go away somewhere cool.  This goal also includes seeing more of the world; my current short list includes Berlin, Budapest, Krakow, Rome, Marrakesh and Istanbul.  I also really need to go and visit my grandparents in Cornwall again, and I'd love to return to Ibiza.

Money 2

  • Make a budget each month and stick to it

This one is really difficult for me.  There's always so much I want to buy!  Unfortunately my bank balance is not usually that large and my flat is full of crap as it is.  My plans to make some changes to my working life make it more important than ever to live within my means.  This also includes keeping my accounts and banking up to date each month.

"Love thou, kid"

  • Make one or two new friends

I feel blessed to have a great circle of friends at the moment.  I've realised that it is just not worth spending time or energy on negative, draining people and am making an effort to nurture more enjoyable relationships. One of my besties moved to Canada in September so I have a vacancy for a new gig and gin buddy or two.

two businessmen shaking hands
  • Make a meaningful effort to move my career in the right direction

It is no secret that I want to increase my income, and ideally I want that to come from working in Osteopathy.  My long term goal is to be running a clinic of my own and my office job is no longer helping me move in that direction.  And as much as I love my current clinic and have no plans to move on, the truth is that I am not learning much either about business or clinical skills there.  It is time for a new challenge - I just need to find the guts to put myself out there for new opportunities and leave my current safe but frustrating set up behind.

  • Honourable mentions:

I am also considering running a 10k, getting my Girl Guiding overnight licence so I can take the Guides away somewhere cool and getting to grips with my sewing machine and making some wearable clothes.

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