Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Recent Buys / Shoes, Dresses and Bags

I love snooping around other people's shopping posts - all the excitement of shopping without the clutter or the price tag!  I thought I'd return the favour and share some of my favourite recent buys.

Primark Floral Heels

These beauties were down to £6 in Primark - how could I resist?  They are a bit narrow so they pinch my toes a bit.  I've been trying to wear them in a bit by wearing them in doors.  They certainly make an interesting outfit paired with my PJs!  

Dorothy Perkins Stripe Denim Dress

Matt took me on a belated birthday shopping trip this weekend and this was my first purchase.   It looks much nicer in real life than in this hastily taken photo - really cute and nautical.  It was £35 from Dorothy Perkins.

Yellow and Blue Floral Dress, Joy the Store

I didn't buy it on the day but have since ordered this lovely floral dress from Joy.  The sizes are absolutely titchy.  I tried a size 8 and couldn't do the zip up past my waist!  This dress was £55 in the shop and on the Joy website but is only £36 on Amazon - bargain.

Mustard Yellow Satchel

This beautiful mustard satchel is also from Joy.  It holds a surprising amount and is such a cheerful colour!

Navy and Ivory Polka Dot Shell Top

I didn't buy this lovely polka dot top from Dorothy Perkins as it has a weird shirt tail back that made me look a bit peculiar from the side, and I thought it was a bit pricey at £26.  On reflection I do really like it though, so I'm going to wait for it to go on sale ;)

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