Thursday, 14 April 2011

Musical Thursdays: Architecture in Helsinki

I have often accused Australia as being totally lacking in culture and being populated by noisy people with no sense of style. Although there are some notable exceptions to this stereotype, Architecture in Helsinki seem to do little to disprove it.

When I first saw AiH four years ago I found them quite enjoyable. They had just released an album of bouncy if slightly under developed pop songs and put on an energetic and entertaining performance.

Their performance at XOYO on tuesday night could not have been more different. Their new material is frankly dull. Most tracks start promisingly but within 20-30 seconds the truth becomes clear - these songs are boring. To make matters worse the band seem to simply be going through the motions of performing. The frenetic energy I saw in 2007 has disappeared, leaving a group who frankly look a bit bored of their music and each other. Unfortunately this impacted on their better material. 'Heart it Races' (watch it in the video above) is one of the bands best works; a classic slice of electro-pop. Even this couldn't improve the lacklustre gig, and if anything its disappointing rendition only confirmed my suspicions that I should have saved my £14 for a bottle of wine.

Lets hope the band turn things around for their next album.

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