Thursday, 24 February 2011

Musical Thursdays: The Musical and Intriguing Wainwright Family

Last friday the world learnt that Rufus Wainwright had become a father to baby Viva Katherine Wainwright Cohen with daughter of Leonard Cohen, Lorca Cohen. Although not a couple, they will be sharing the parental responsibilities, with Rufus' partner Jorn Weisbrodt helping as 'deputy dad'.

I've been a fan of various members of the Wainwright clan for years (as you can tell from my so I am thrilled that Rufus has been able to follow sister Martha's footsteps into parenthood.

The family are famous for drawing on each other for song writing material (sometimes not always complimentary). To celebrate the new addition I've put together a Spotify playlist of many (but not all!) of their family related songs. I decided to leave out Leonard Cohen - we can talk about him another day.

Click here to listen to a Spotify playlist: Happy Wainwright Family

And here are a couple of videos I couldn't find on Spotify:

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