Wednesday, 13 October 2010

echoes in the alleyway :: a tribute to doves for Teenage Cancer Trust

Epic Mancunian rockers, Doves, may be embarking on a self-imposed hiatus, but that hasn’t stopped a group of fans from celebrating their sound in a novel way.

Echoes in the Alleyway – a tribute to Doves is a compilation album of Doves cover versions performed and recorded by the band’s own fans. Available to download for FREE from 18 October, the album is the brainchild of Doves fansite creator, Nicky McMillan. “It was born out of a drunken conversation after a Doves concert,” admits McMillan, “but after floating the idea on my fansite, it was obvious that people wanted to be involved.”

The album – available in both MP3 and WAV audio formats – showcases the talents of 23 bands and individuals performing their own take on Doves’ songs such as The Cedar Room and Snowden. Its release is timed to coincide with Doves’ final concert of the year in their hometown of Manchester on 16 October.

“This is a way for artists to show their appreciation of Doves in the 12 years since the band’s Cedar EP was released,” McMillan explains. “That said, there is also another point to it.”

In August, it was announced that the Teenage Cancer Trust would benefit from the fan’s album. Although downloads are free, people will be asked to make a small donation.

“Our fundraising target is a modest £500, but if we can make more, that would be fantastic,” enthuses McMillan.

“Echoes in the Alleyway” will be available for download at from 18 October. Voluntary donations can be made to the Teenage Cancer Trust through the website or via the Teenage Cancer Trust website,

Although the album isn't released until Monday 18th October you can download a teaser in the form of a cover of Ambition by the very talented Modeon. Click here to listen and here for more about Modeon.

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