Thursday, 6 July 2006

Some new music innit

Everybody loves Neighbours, and everybody loves a good novelty song so today I present Flat 29 to you and their amazing work 'A Perfect Blend'. This is sounds like Goldie Lookin Chain but funnier and with better subject matter. It is nothing short of legendary.

Official site


Next is another favourie topic of mine - cover versions. I love cover versions. A lot of them are a bit shit, and I may share those with you in time, but some are fabulous.

Arcade Fire's cover of Maps (originally by Yeah Yeah Yeahs) is a bit rubbish in my opinion. Maps is a brilliant song and Arcade Fire are a brilliant band, so hearing it was a little traumatising for me. However they have managed to regain my love for them with with this fantastic cover of Five Years, taken from David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust album. I love David Bowie but I didn't think I'd find a Bowie cover worth listening to. All the ones I've heard up till now have been more than a bit crap. This song has changed all that and I congratulate these fine Canadians for bucking the trend.

Well done chaps.

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Sarah said...

fuck you! you talk out yer bumhole.

Matt Churchill said...

i love sarah but her taste in music, apart from what i introduced her to, is rubbish