Thursday, 23 February 2006

Larrikin Love

On Tuesday I went to an NME awards gig at the Astoria. The line up was:

The Duke Spirit
Forward Russia
Larrikin Love

I'm not a massive Elbow fan, infact I've only been listening to them for the past couple of weeks. But I really enjoyed them, they were much better than I thought. And I got to touch the singer guy! He had his crotch in my face! Woo, I just love them ugly old men (for evidence of this just look at my exboyfriend :p).

The Duke Spirit were decent enough but basically a bit boring and with no particularly great songs.

All I can say in Forward Russia's favour is that they were energetic. Apart from that they were shit. They sound like the Rakes on speed and not in a remotely good way. They are just a shit nme band and I was very wrong to ever believe they might be good!

I really enjoyed Larrikin Love. I s'pose I do have a bit of a thing for skinny indie boys and funky music, but these guys were cool! The singer had a yellow hoody and was rolling on the floor. AND they have a violin!!! In a good way!

I don't know how far these guys will go or how much they'll stand out from the rest of the 'skinny indie boys with funky poppy guitar music' bands, but I don't really care because I'm too busy doing a jig and being happy whilst listening to them.

Larrikin Love - Happy as Annie



James said...

Less of the old thanks. Anyhoos, like I have said, Red and Asleep at the Back are gorgeous.

I'll check out Larrikin Love.

James said...

Asleep IN the Back

Matt Churchill said...

i shall make u a cd of best bits of elbow - THE greatest band to ever grace a stage anywhere ever. and yes forward russia were awful, altho there is a guy at uni who looks distinctly like the guitarist, and i don't mean elliot.

Anonymous said...

pop pop i need sleep :(

i think tis al lgroovy but them i am deff so ikeep in with the "crowd" i just nodd my head and agreey :(