Tuesday, 14 February 2006

Editors remix

I cannot claim to be much of an Editors fan. They are one of those bands who I quite like and keep meaning to listen to more, but basically just can't be arsed.

This remix popped up on my mp3 player the otehr day and I love it. It rocks.

Editors - Munich (Cicada Remix)


layra said...

oooo i wona dance, im so listerning to this on the bus to uni! i shall dance arousn the polls! MWAHAHAHAHAH!!!

layra said...

hay hay! i smell of metal bits and coooolant!


u i think they are jolly dance like!! gd day dreaming bus music yes yes, almost missed my stop as i was in the zooooooone

also i think im still pissed form last nite!

i smelt a weed, its growing outside my kitech window! haha!