Monday, 16 January 2006

Youth of Britain

I discovered Youth of Britain a few months ago at Dublin Castle on John Peel Day. They were supporting 7 Seconds of Love, who will no doubt be covered on here soon enough.

The tag of 'voice of the people' is tired and cliched enough, just as using political and social commentaries as lyrics can be boring and repetitive.

Fortunately YoB don't fall into either of these traps. Sounding like some sort of hybrid of PiL and Prodigy, with witty and accurate lyrics and if you are lucky enough to see them live, a mesmerising stage presence. So yes, maybe you do hear too much talk of chavs, council estates and teenage mothers, but not like this.

I only have 3 YoB tracks, although a few more clips are on the website. This is my favourite so see what you think:

Youth of Britain - Guvnor

Visit the official site

Buy some real music dammit


Sarah said...

Feel free to comment you terds.

Matt Churchill said...

blimey you actuallly updated the site.

Sarah said...

I am planning on weekly updates innit.

Anonymous said...

u need to develop a Sarah rating like a kerrang rating