Wednesday, 4 January 2006

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I know there's not much here yet but I am working on some extra content. This may or may not be complete spam but we shall see.

As a gift to everyone reading this:

Dead Raccoons - Steve

I was given this song by a friend who had been given it on a mixcd by another friend. I have no idea who these Dead Raccoons chaps are and google has been no help so unfortunately I can't tell you to go buy anything by them.

I think this song is genius. Yeah, musically its not that imprssive. Lyrically it can be pretty funny e.g. "At first I kinda liked Steve, then he stole my socks and ate all my breakfast cereal" and "Got straight As on my report card but Steve still says I'm a crazy retard". Maybe I am too easily pleased but it is amazing for singing along to. Especially if you know someone called Steve.

But what really makes this song is, despite the comedy lyrics, the pain and anger in the vocalist's voice. It is a theme tune for teenage angst everywhere and I'll be making the most of it in my last few months as a teenager.


Ailsa said...

Sexy baby. Obviously I already have the song but still nifty. Look forward to what comes out of this place.

Ailsa x

church said...

you should listen to a band called echo, they're great. good looking singer too. i fancy him. quite.

Sarah said...

Unfortunately I only listen to good music. Sorry.

Ekko said...

Sarah-On the arcade fire post you asked about, you have to download it first and then play it. it's not a hotlink.

Jonny said...

nah thats all BOLLOCKS mate

Sarah said...

How very rude.